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I am in your position except that I teach at 4 different schools and only get to see the kids once a week. 30 minute pull-out lessons and 50 minute group rehearsal.

I have to agree with everything that sp415 on the breaking up the band. The better students will encourage/pull along the students struggling. You might even think on trying a mentoring system where you pair students together (not necessarily good with struggling) to make them accountable to each other. It is something I have always thought of, but I have never tried it.

I have also found that if you can give them something that the can latch onto that they are good at it gives them something to build on. I chose rhythm for my groups and use David Newell’s book “Teaching Rhythm: New Strategies and Techniques for Success” and it has helped my students greatly. I know that they can accurately and confidently play their rhythms so than they just have to worry about fingerings…