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My school district is a “World Class Community” in Ohio (deemed by township and state). yet, we do not have an auditorium. I do all of my concerts each year in a middle school gym. Our high school is the same situation. I have 410 kids in a 6-8 band program and the high school has 200+ kids in a 9-12 band program. Both programs are top rated in state competition settings (Ohio Class A). Sometimes, we have to make the best of what we have in less than ideal situations.

We get no practice time in the gym. In fact, my bands are split down the middle each day. (6th grade split over two periods, 7th same, 8th same). They don’t even get to practice together until the concert. 130-140 kids playing together as an entire group in concert with no rehearsal in a gym. 🙂 If we as teachers are constantly teaching them about balance, blend, intonation, and adjusting to their surroundings (adjusting volume from carpeted and sound paneled bandroom to gym with no carpet and cement walls) they should be able to do it. Again, not idea, but we can make it work!