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I think you’ll find you’re not alone in having concerts in the gym. Mine are always in there, and it works. It’s not always ideal, but it works. I’m thankful that I’m not playing in something called a “cafe-gym-itorium” like I’ve heard from others.

Playing in a gym can suck some of the preciseness out of the sound, but it also can cover up flaws. I find that the snare carries extra well, but timpani, bass drum, and most mallets need to play out. Instruments on the low end need to bump up their sound a little bit, but otherwise my balance doesn’t change a whole lot from my carpeted band room to the gym. Students should play with a little more separation, especially when playing staccato.

Hopefully you can practice in the gym before the concert? At least one rehearsal is nice, although more than that would be even better.