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This is where I’m running into problems: I did one on one lessons with the student all year. We worked on steady beat, patterns, call and response, it was a lot of fun and I think he made some improvements. The parents still want him to play with the band, even though it’s not really related to what we’re doing in lessons. The previous year, I was out on maternity leave, and my sub had him play a drum pad when he performed with the group, but the parents were furious that he wasn’t playing on a real drum. What’s best for the student in question and the other kids in the program don’t seem to match what the parents are demanding. Since I know there will be three kids in the same situation next year, I’d like to do some kind of group lessons/ percussion ensemble with them instead of having them play with the band, so that we can focus on the things they’re working on, or even doing something like that with their whole class. Are there any resources out there for that kind of thing? If the parents want him in band, even though I can’t tailor it towards his strengths and needs, is it appropriate for me to suggest this alternative?