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Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

1st rehearsal – Flutes across the front row, Row 2 (from left) – Clarinets and alto saxes, Row 3 (from left) – trumpets, bass clarinets, bari sax, tenor sax and trombone

2nd – 4th rehearsal (up to yesterday) – 1st row (from left) Clarinets and 1st flutes, 2nd Row – Alto Saxes, Bass Clarinet, Bari Sax, 2nd Flutes, 3rd Row – Tenor Sax, Trumpets, Trombones

My only gripe so far with that set-up is that I can’t hear my trumpets all to well – but that might just be them not being that strong of players anyway (as far as volume goes – they are pretty good players, just not loud).

Since I first posted, I have had 3 kids want to join band (one tuba, one baritone, and one horn). Now I have to find a place to put them.

I’m thinking using my second set up, but adding the horn to the left of the saxes and the baritone and tuba between trumpet and trombones.

I didn’t realize this topic would take off like it did. Thanks for the replies.