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I teach Beginning Band and I actually switch my seating up quite regularly. I started doing this a few years ago because my low brass was always complaining about being in the back. I now give everyone a chance to be in the front row, and depending on my instrumentation that year, other instruments go to crazy places. It really helps me get a chance to see everyone’s fingers and work more one-on-one since they’re right there in front of me. For concerts, we go back to a more traditional order to focus on balance and tone. However, this year, for my 6th graders, due to room constraints and instrumentation, the alto saxes are on the front row, on my left with the flutes on the right. Clarinets got moved back to the second row. It sounds just fine. I absolutely recommend changing up your seating for a rehearsal or two every now or then. The kids like it and it keeps me on my toes because I’ll go to cue a section and sometimes they’re not where they were yesterday! 🙂