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Since you are doing Orff this summer, I love the Game Plan curriculum – it’s very Orff based and has tons of songs, choreographed dances, listening activities, etc! Not sure if you’ll have money to buy curriculum sets, but if you do, that’s a great one.

My biggest piece of advice for general music is to have a very set routine and a clear and consistent behavior plan. My classes always start in a circle, do some rhythm patterns, sing some solfege greetings, and then jump into the lesson for the day, and we conclude in a quiet line and do a quick reflection about the class (one compliment, one thing we can improve on for next time) before being excused to the teacher (because sometimes after singing/playing/dancing the energy level can be very high and this brings it back down). Routines are great for kids to know what to expect, how to behave, etc – that’s probably the biggest difference going from ensemble rehearsal set-ups to general music, is thinking through every transition so that behavior stays where you want it.

Good luck! I’m sure it seems daunting, but as someone who thought of herself as a “band person” too, I’ve found I really love the creativity of general music and the fact that there are SO many ways to tie into class curriculum, holidays, weather, world events…its fun to find new ways to teach all those important musical concepts that they will need later in band!