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The Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers in my school are good about having their kids go to the bathroom en route to Music. haha, yep – When a kid asks to go to the bathroom I like asking ” can you wait a minute?” If they say yes drop it and see if they ask again. If so, then it’s real. If they forget about it, then it was to get out of class. I do this with older kids, too, and add that I want to teach a certain part of my lesson before I let them go. Usually they are respectful of this.
Young kids (Kindergarten-ish) play Monkey See, Monkey Do ALL the time!! If I let a kid go, five other kids ask to go (previously, all were fine). I stop my lesson and explain that either 1) they had the option to go before class, so we shouldn’t be playing this game or 2) they are big kids (in their heads) and should be able to wait a half hour (my classes are 35 minutes, but by time everyone is settled and quiet we of course loose a couple minutes).