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A mouthpiece is like a good pair of shoes, If it’s comfortable and does not cause any issues then leave it be. Having said that, a 2.5 is not common. I would try to get a few mouthpieces to have on hand in the band room all the time for these situations. My recommendations would be Bach 7c, 5C, 3C, Dennis Wick 3c and Schillke 13 or 14. Some beginner trumpets are coming with mouthpieces equivalent to a Bach mouthpiece traditionally used for D trumpet. I find these student have a very thin sound and I will usually have them try a 5 or 3c during class. It is usually even noticeable to the other band students how much better their sound is. I think if you have them switch, and I probably would in this case, I would make sure it is worth while for the student and the parents. Have them get a good mouthpiece for them (comfortable fit with a nice easy sound, range and endurance will come with time and practice) that will last a while not just waste the parents money. If a 7c is no better or worse than the 2.5 you,ve wasted time and money and no one will appreciate that.