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That sounds familiar to what I do as well Rob.

“While I am on the percussion rant, I find that they are often ignored in elementary school to the point where they can not even hold a pair of (if the own them) sticks properly. For some it is difficult to have to do work.”
– I can understand where this is coming from, but I have found that Percussionists are a special breed. I definitely do not ignore them, I teach Elementary, and I don’t even let them play snare/bass… until they can play page 14 in their book on the bells. Than we start adding in the other percussion instrument. They are so fixed on being the next rock drummer that they forget everything once they start the “drums.” Things that they were doing easily they can no longer do because the “drum” consumes them. It may not be totally their fault or the Elementary directors fault, but it is an issue I have not been able to conquer yet.