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Perhaps you could collaborate with the art teachers and have students create artwork that shows what music means to them. Or have students create artwork representing their sections. (During my high school band camp, different sections created posters. When band camp was finished, these posters stayed on the walls of the band room until marching season was done. It’s a great way to promote section bonding.)

When observing, I saw one classroom that had different bricks on the wall painted. Every senior got to paint a brick in the choir room. On the brick was their name, voice part (soprano, alto, tenor, etc.), how many years they were in choir, and what choirs they were in. From an orchestra standpoint, students could paint their instrument and how many years they participated in orchestra. I don’t know if your administrators would be crazy about the idea, but I thought I would pass it along if anyone had an unused wall and was interested.

Have fun bringing color and excitement to your classroom walls!