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Hello, and Great Topic! Many students begin guitar study with “the guitar my aunt xyz had in the attic.” quite a handicap, and I am glad to join this discussion.

Size is an extremely important element to consider in a guitar, particularly for younger students. I have seen way too many children with their right elbows up in the air trying to wrap themselves around a full-sized dreadnought guitar; and their left hand must stretch so far that a good hand position is impossible.
Unfortunately sizing for guitars is not as standardized as it is for the bowed strings (e.g. 4/4 3/4 1/2 sizes). Classical guitars are somewhat more standardized but steel strings labeled “3/4” or “travel guitars” run a gamut of sizes, both in terms of scale length and body size. Both are important in sizing a smaller player.

I have to source instruments almost yearly to find good beginner guitars in several sizes. Both manufacturers and stores change that frequently, but I keep on top of it because this eases a beginner’s journey significantly. Though I won’t mention any brands here, when a parent asks me I most certainly do, I share links through which they can purchase instruments I have “pre qualified.”