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I use chimes in grades 1-5 for pitch matching and echo activities but my 5th graders have a chime choir. They perform for the christmas concert. I use 4th grade boomwhackers to prepare them for reading the music since it is very different than any other instrument reading. It is tough to understand that they must read EVERYONE’S notes and just play when theirs comes up. We have about 2.5 months of weekly practice before we perform. I think 4th grade would be successful too.

I have chime along books for Christmas Carolling and Patriotic Songs that 2nd-5th grade use. 2nd Grade goes off campus to carol and have TONS of fun using the chimes. There is no music reading for those books but its still playing an instrument while singing.

I love chimes! I would recommend Schulmerich Melody chimes because they are rounded edges and a little easier to hold. Suzuki and Malmark both have boxy edges and clang more. Just a preference!