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I have used chorus officers with my advanced group (combined seventh and eighth graders). The officers are elected, but only eighth graders are eligible to be officers. I have generally been very happy with the officers the class has chosen. Only once or twice over the years has it turned into a popularity contest, and that was early on. I’ve had enough good officers to set an excellent example, and now the kids understand what’s required and also have high expectations for the officers. Our officers take care of all things social, help to announce at concerts, help lead warm-ups, and, over the last couple of years, have started taking responsibility for discipline in the class. Last year, we had an ADHD student who was a problem. The officers took it upon themselves, after asking me for permission, to sit next to this student and prompt him to stay on task as necessary. I’m retiring this year, and whether or not the new teacher will have officers is one of the students’ biggest concerns.