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We used the NAFME concert etiquette PDF in our programs prior to this topic being posted and had an uproar that ended in a meeting with the school board and several “offended” community members and our music staff. It’s kind of blown over now. They argued that the rules on the PDF “stifle” and “discourage attendance.” Many found the explanations of the 10 or so rules to be crude like the “no flash photography” rule where it says kids could fall off the stage. I was completely taken aback that it was even an issue, I couldn’t believe people were offended at nationally recognized standards of etiquette. I’ve been here almost 4 years and it’s been a real struggle to get audiences to behave appropriately. I’ve had everything from air horns to parents unplugging our sound system mid song because they needed the plug to charge their phone.
It’s getting better. But we’ve got a lot of social education to go before they can treat the kids decently. The kids seem to get it, but it’ll take a generation or two to implement some etiquette.