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You didn’t say what your numbers are, but are you going to let one student, 6 potential students and a parent hold you and your program hostage? Remember, you are the teacher and you shouldn’t have to defend what you believe to be are sound teaching techniques. They’ll be many other kids and many other parents. If you have your administration’s support, keep doing what you’re doing. Be polite, be honest, be nice and BE FIRM. Listen to criticisms and evaluate them on their merits. Change procedures if you need to, but not because a parent or child thinks you should do something different. Numbers always drop when you take over program. These kids will leave and you’ll be left with the kids that want to work with you. . Yeah its frustrating, but don’t worry about it. In a few years your program will be stronger and better. Once your program finds success, the students will come.

NOTE: it was suggested to “keep it between the student and you.” NEVER have a one on one discussion with a student. Ask ask a counselor, AP or Principal to sit in and observe while you have this discussion with the student.