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What a tough situation for you. It sounds like your principal is backing you, which is a good thing, and I think you’re right in thinking the best solution would be to have a meeting with this student. It might be best to keep it between the student and you; I can imagine that the student might feel very defensive if the principal was in the meeting too. If she will not meet with you alone, then you could bring the principal into the mix. If she wants to write you a letter first, let her do that. It’s a good way to get thoughts out clearly and coherently and in an organized form. It would be nice to address any “issues” she is having, real or imagined, and if she just can’t handle being in band, let her go. It’s better if you can work things out, but life isn’t perfect.

Chances are good that the tirade won’t last forever. Students will stop comparing you to previous directors, the game won’t be fun anymore, and they’ll find new distractions. Brothers and sisters grow up and form their own opinions. That doesn’t mean it won’t be a tough year, but it may not go on as long as you think.