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I can understand your administrators reluctance because of the length of the concert. We as music educators are used to long concerts, but many parents are not used to such a marathon event. With that said here is what I recommend.

1. Tell him that the directors will work hard to try to keep the concert to a max of 2 hours.
2. Find out if there are any other reasons that he does not like the idea. Than find supporting information that will eliminate his worries that will be meaningful to him.
3. Point out that it is a great recruiting and retention tool to help inspire the younger musicians. It can also be helped to push the older kids to improve their overall musicianship.
4. Consider making it an “every 2,3,4” year event so he doesn’t see it as a 3 hour marathon every year
5. Go in and present your information to him as well as some of the other directors and possibly even the other administrators. Have 3 or 4 different groups of people talk to him about the issue
6. Invite him to a recorder band rehearsal as well as other rehearsals to show him that while it is not HS level it is enjoyable to listen to.

Just some thoughts that could help you along. In my mind you don’t want to bully him into it because he may retaliate. In fact when you meet with him and after you have presented your arguments for your event ask him if he has any suggestions. Tell him What you would like to accomplish and Why, he may come up with a solution that will work and than he feels part of the process.