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I have my Kodaly levels 1 and 2, so I do a very sequenctial curriculum. I’m also doing “First Steps” with Pre K-1st, but 1st will move to the first kodaly songs towards end of the year and will know so mi and quarter and eighth notes by summer (that’s my goal anyway). It’s my 2nd year in this district, first year at this school, and there’s been a ton of memory loss over the summer regarding rhythm syllables, so I’ve been doing lots of echoing and review in that respect. Perhaps the last teacher did not do lots of rhythm reading, I’m not sure. I’m starting my last week in this rotation, and my students are doing great musically! My 2nds are reading mi so and la from the staff and can tell me what song is notated on my staff board just based on the pitches, which is amazing for this early in the year, I think. We’ll see how much they remember when I see them again in December. Programs are going to be very difficult. I think I’ll be teaching the program to my November rotation for speaking parts and such, then maybe meet with them once a week to review. This is just a very stressful schedule but I understand that we only have 3 specials so you have to kind of have a weird schedule.