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Hi Toni,
There were some solid ideas offered by others. Obviously, you need to work on changing things for next year and it sounds like your Related Arts team is very supportive, thus work together to make those changes. I will address your immediate issue of retention over large breaks of music instruction. I highly recommend posting some podcasts of significant lessons you teach during that month. Student can access them at home to review the wonderful lessons they experienced in your class (send to link home for students and parents to remember, as well as post all on your web site.). Connect the students with web sites that they can playfully continue their learning and review of concepts and experiences. Finally, if the students have created accompaniments for songs learned, recorded them and post on your web site for them to access, play for family members and review for their own enjoyment. You school web site can keep students engaged long after they step out of your classroom.

Christine Hayes, Chair
Council for General Music Education