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Its very difficult in a performance based class to implement the amount of technology that “those who really don’t know what we do” are telling us to do. I am in a situation where I have 65-80 kids 6 times a day. I don’t have a white board, I don’t have a smartboard (still a chalkboard) and try to get access to a LCD projector about once a month since this is all available. At some point, those making laws need to visit the schools to see what is really happening and how unrealistic it is to expect otherwise. Further, if technology resources are going to “tested” subjects, it makes it even more difficult.

On that note, I have three practice rooms attached to my band room. Two of them are equipped with new laptops and Smartmusic. All 400+ kids in my program rotate through and do tuning exercises as well as playing tests (2-4 each nine weeks) using Smartmusic. I won all of this through a grant and it has done wonders for my program and my kids. Kids are no longer falling through the cracks in a large 6-8 middle school program with over 400 kids. It is also putting me in good position to complete new teacher accountability assessments (in Ohio, they are SLO’s) in the coming years since this is a great “evidence based” outcome to base my evaluation for individual students. Hope this helps.

PS. Only 5 smart boards in our building of 40+ teachers!!!! I’m not one of them.