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I teach elementary instrumental music, in a rotating pull-out situation with 4th-6th graders. Classes range from 6-14 students. I use SmartMusic primarily in my classroom. Most of my students are low income and cannot afford the subscription at home. I have an LCD projector (they let me use the old beat up one) and project it on to a sheet of white bulletin board paper. I like using SmartMusic to teach a song; the students can all sing the notes on the board, hear the pitches and rhythm. After we sing and finger the notes, we play through with the computer, then kids can come to the board and point to problem areas or explain to the class new concepts. It also gives me the freedom to go over technique in more detail with individual students as the class is playing together and being ‘conducted’ by the metronome of SmartMusic.

I also use a Now!Board, which is a portable smart board (great for itinerant teachers). I can then make marks on the music on the board and the students can copy it into their books. When I didn’t have this I just used a wireless mouse, so I could move around the classroom.