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Colorado has inquiry questions, same thing I think, that come along with the standards. Here is a link to CO’s 3rd grade standards.

There are also Evidence Outcomes (new buzzword), Relevance and Application, and “Nature Of”. Here’s a sampling.

Concepts and skills students master:

1. Perform from memory and use simple traditional notation

Evidence Outcomes 21st Century Skill and Readiness Competencies

Students Can:

Use correct vocal and instrumental techniques when singing and playing instruments (DOK 1-2)
Recognize and follow conductor’s beat patterns and gestures (DOK 1-3)
Perform expressively for peers in a large or small group setting (DOK 1-3)
Play and sing simple notated melodies (DOK 1-2)

Inquiry Questions:

Why is it important for ensembles to work as a team?
Why is it important to understand conducting patterns?
How does identifying patterns help with memorization?

Relevance & Application:

Following a conductor’s beat leads to a synthesis of visual and auditory stimuli.
Understanding the physiological aspects of correct posture, breathing, and technique leads to an understanding of the biological aspects of good music production.
Music software can be used to assist in memorization.
Performance skill can be isolated and adjusted using audio and/or video devices to record, compare, and/or evaluate the result of different techniques.

Nature Of:

Musicality is the ability to perform and respond to music in meaningful ways.