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We have the Share the Music series in our district. I mix in Kodaly and Orff, but consider myself a classic/fundamental teacher that will use any mode that gets my students to read music well but also be able to express themselves. I am not sure if you are asking about favorite literature books or method materials but my favorite books are the “Jeff and Randy” books. They teach in Clark County (Las Vegas) and their entire collection is quite easy to use and fun for all students with instrumentation, form, and so many good concepts in each lesson. You can’t go wrong with getting their books in my opinion.

Another one to consider if you are teaching the pre-school children who are in special education would be “Babies Make Music, Too.” I use some of the pieces in their with even my Kindergarteners and my 1st grade classes. Plus, it can give you some good inspiration for different things to use with the older kids–as I read through some of the techniques it inspires me to think about how to adapt it at an older age to get some of my special education students/strategies students who are mainstreamed in my classroom involved in the lessons with differentiated instruction.

I have a lot of literacy books that I use as well such as “The Jazz Fly” to get my students into learning about jazz and “Gobble, Quack, Moo” to teach verse/refrain, “Rap a Tap Tap” is great for rhythm as well as a great history lesson on Bojangles. Of course, everyone should have “Zin, Zin, Zin A Violin” and other ones like “I Know an Old Fellow Who Swallowed a Cello.” The list of literature that is out there for music teachers is endless…but there certainly are many favorites of mine.

Hope this helps you get a start. Good luck!