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For saxophones, I like Selmer the best… but if you’re needed to save at all in order to stretch out the $$, Yanigasawa makes pretty good baris. Yamaha altos/tenors are good, too. Are you in middle/high school? Definitely go for the intermediate models, not the student models. Tuning is much improved as well as tone. I agree get different mouthpieces… Do students purchase their own? For saxophones, I like the not-too-expensive Premier by Hite for alto and my set-up for all saxophones is the Caravan mouthpiece, which needs to be ordered online from or something similar, but it’s much darker (and cheaper!) compared with Selmer C* or Larry Teal mouthpieces. Although, I do think that if you get certain models of Selmer saxes (maybe only the professional, though), the C* comes with it- so that would be cheaper, I guess! In that case, I’d go with it.

Got a little off-track… good luck! Congrats!