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I find an affordable option to be almost anything Yamaha! Just purchased some new yamaha brass. Depending on your age group, the YEP series for baritones, you can get 3 or 4 valves. Also Yamaha trombones, their intermediate series is great, YSL with rotor valves are always great, but if you want some awesome all around concert horns, I’d go for the yamaha xenos! I am a bit of a snob when it comes to trumpets, and I’m a HUGE advocate of Xeno for trumpet!

Now, with all of this…word of advice…NEVER use the mouthpieces that come with the horns. I believe the Trumpet Xeno comes with a mouthpiece that’s gold-rimmed and comparable to a Bach 3C….but the other brass instrument mouthpieces are no good.

Generally I would stick to Bach or Schilke mouthpieces.

Baritone/Trombone – Bach 5G or Schilke 51D….depending on your students’ age group, small or large bore/shank mouthpieces will need to match the horn.
Trumpet – Bach 3C is just fine!

woodwindbrasswind’s website is really good for rock bottom prices and they will sometimes have some pretty sweet deals going on such as…a free silent brass system with purchase, or NO SHIPPING.

Hope this is helpful…just went through this with brass!