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I went to school in the Baltimore (MD) County Public School system and I have seen groups who have played who are as small as you are saying. Chances are the festival is aware of the size of certain programs in the area that is hosting the festival. I would call or email someone to talk about it because you may be able to take your groups to the festival to just play and get comments but not necessarily get a rating for the groups. This is just so the students experience the event and are able to take it in. You don’t even have to tell the group they are not getting officially graded. I think experience is more worth while than anything else. I have seen groups who have just played for no grade, just for fun so maybe you can do the same in your area. Something to look in to. If the judges are willing, they can give you comments anyway just to help you out and make it feel like a legitimate adjudication.

Kent State University, OH