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Guitar supports such as the ergoplay allow BOTH very young guitar students and short of leg adults to perform with the same position they would use as adults. As we all know consistency of position (proximity of the guitar body on the chest cavity, angle of guitar neck, strings and frets for the left hand, angle of strings and proximity to the r.h) is essential to success Look at this picture as to how both the young (suzuki students) and the adults are able to attain the same efficient and healthy technique because of use of the guitar support. Ah, and I just mentioned ‘healthy’ technique. Our first credo must be as that of the physician “do no harm” (e.g. promoting habits of position and technique for lifelong, injury-free playing of music!). youth/community ensemble guitar pic:
and here:

Dr. Robert Trent – Professor of Guitar Study, Radford University, Radford, VA
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