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I’m teaching two Senior High Music Appreciation Classes this semester and have been doing a lot of listening, me playing music for class and discussion, them playing music for the class and telling classmates about music, etc.

This last listening round I thought we would have some fun and have each student play the “worst song they have ever heard”. Has made for some interesting discussions as one student plays a song, and 1-2 others in the class say “I actually like that song”.

Best one was last week as we were listening to a song, in walks my HS principal. He’s a newer guy, still getting to know him, learn his personality, etc. He proceeds to name the song, the band, the album it was on and “man that is a great song….” The room got real quiet, class was not sure they wanted to laugh at the principal.

He talked to me about an issue and starts to leave when one of the students in the back of the room lets him know why we are playing the song. He took it well and laughed it off, but I wasn’t sure that I was going to tell him.