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Thank you for the responses. I fear there will be more issues in the spring. So to answer some of your questions. The advisor (director) of the gospel choir is not a certified music teacher. The administration seems more supportive of the gospel choir than the curricular choirs. The vice-principal wanted the gospel choir started and has been at every gospel choir rehearsal. The certified chorus teacher has not been observed once. I have not heard a rational yet for the gospel choir, only that when the choir teacher questioned the rational it was turned around and asked why he was being so possessive of the program, and then asked why students who give of their time for the school, (gospel choir students) should not be able to perform. I was not in on the meeting but would like to be from now on and will probably push for it. The choir director is pretty frustrated and will most likely leave for another position or to work on his masters at the end of the year. I think the underlying question is how do you get administrators to understand or at least value the curricular program. The gospel group was programmed at the very end of the concert so many people who did not want to listen were able to leave, but it is frustrating that the value of a curricular choir program does not seem to be understood by the new administration simply because it was not as entertaining.