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You should find a copy of “Directory of Music Facilities in Colleges and Universities”. This resource will allow you to view which universities all over the US, and most specifically what universities in your area offer a Master if Music in Music Education. They also show which schools are accredited. Do a little research into the professors at the universities that might interest you. There is nothing worse than trying to learn from a professor whose area of focus is completely different than yours. For me, I’m focused heavily on pedagogy, so I am currently studying at Appalachian State University, NC, where my professors value research and study into music pedagogy. I also my eventually get another degree in conducting performance, and since ASU offers a concentration in Choral Conducting along with my current education degree, that was was really sold me on ASU. Most colleges will be happy to schedule a day for you to visit and observe classes, speak with professors, and speak with undergrad and grad students. That will also give you an idea of the personalities of the people you will be in contact with on a daily basis.

Hope this helps!

Christopher Langdon
Appalachian State University, MM Music Education, ’14
Campbell University, BA Music Education, ’12