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While it may not be possible for you, I think it is somewhat important to grade students’ etiquette in rehearsal. I don’t know if it’s possible for your school to reconsider, but I’ll throw it out there because there are some easily measureable ways of assessing rehearsal behaviors (e.g., being prepared with materials and on time, speaking at appropriate times, etc.)

In terms of grading at consistent intervals, my middle school students get a grade for their small group lesson each week based on their preparation and demonstration of skills/improvement at the lesson.

To place a little less emphasis on my own participation/rehearsal etiquette grade, I try to give short quizzes every couple of weeks (perhaps this year I’ll get more regular about it). Students pick up a quarter sheet of scrap paper, I ask 4-6 questions about things we have learned recently (and I usually include one goofy question). If students have been in class and listened, these are pretty straightforward and align pretty closely with my impression of their overall level of effort and behavior in class.