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Bottom line is that they need to learn to read music–either plucking out the melody or strumming chords from tabs. You’ll have to teach them to read, as well as figure out guitar tabs for the band music.

You need to lay down the line–if they want to be in the band, they have to learn to read music. It’s very simple! Everybody else in the band has to read music–why should they be any different? They may object, but tell them that’s why you’re here–to learn a new skill. Sounds like they just want to blast rock n roll chords aimlessly. But that’s not going to work in concert band.

Of course they shouldn’t be in band in the first place, since guitar is not a band instrument. Sounds like your admin doesn’t understand that, which is not unusual. (When I came to my present school, the head of the arts department (who wasn’t a musician) couldn’t understand why I couldn’t have a piano in concert band.) It is possible to make this work, but the guitarists need to bite the bullet, learn to read music, and then learn how to play in the band.