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I’m a student at Bowling Green State University and student teaching is less than a year away. My program, for the first time, is allowing the opportunity to teach outside the approximate 50 mile radius of Bowling Green, Ohio. It would open up doors to student teaching with a good program at larger schools.
The trouble is, my part-time job only pays minimum and without some financial miracle, I can’t afford to live in a place that would benefit me and help me get out of loan debt sooner.

FYI: I don’t have very many relatives outside of a 25 mile radius of my hometown so staying with relatives isn’t very probable. My family is uneasy about me moving out on my own. I have no idea what kind of job I could take that would help me afford living expenses. I don’t really want to get a living expense loan but I will if its allowed and its the only way.

Thanks in advance!