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The September 2011 jazz mentor, “Dblbassco,” wrote

Forgive me for butting in, but I thought I’d answer! I’ve used my iPad/android a couple of different ways to stream music. The first way would be to download the app Remote – it essentially turns your iPad/iPhone/iPod into a remote that can search and play music. You’ll need to have your comp plugged into a speaker if you want more volume. Another way would be to run everything through Apple TV. This is what I currently use so I can stream music, YouTube, Netflix, etc straight from my iPad or I can access media (tunes, videos, pics, etc) from my laptop through the aforementioned Remote. If you don’t have an “i” product you can download the Grooveshark or Spotify remote to control your laptop, but once again, you’ll have to plug your comp into a speaker. This is the method I’ve used the least.

I have mine connected to a projector and speaker, so my kids can see and hear an example at the drop of a hat. It’s been great for me as I can roam around my ensembles with the iPad in hand, but I also have a stand for it. This enables me to have my charts on one stand and easy access to my iPad.

Good luck.