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The April 2012 General Music Mentor, Katie Carlisle, weighed in with some suggestions:

Georgia State University created a 5th grade music technology 9 week unit with south-eastern US charter school that utilizes ipads purchased from a grant. A music technology teaching artist works in partnership with the school band teacher, who will eventually take over the classes.

We divided the unit into three sections: the first 3 weeks students become familiar with the apps, performing alone, with a partner, with a small group and with the class. The second three weeks, students are generating ostinati and riffs leading to longer song forms. They are used poetry they composed in their language arts class as the impetus for their compositions. The last three weeks focused on combining recorded sections and improvising in real time.

We have a soundboard into which we can plug in the apps. Otherwise, it is difficult to hear everyone.

Free apps we’ve used include:
African Drums
Quick Flash Notes (Music Theory)
Discover Musical Insturuments
Musicians Little Helper HD – Lite

Apps we purchased include:
GarageBand: $4.99
ProKeys: $0.99
Thumbjam $6.99
Funkbox: $3.99
Air Scratch $4.99
Latin Percussion $1.99
Piano Tutor for iPad $2.99

Garage Band truly changes when one can manipulate it with swiping.
It is an entirely different experience.