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I agree with everything said above. I would especially support the joining of professional organizations like NAfME and ACDA. This will put you in situations where you can hear the best in choral performance in a concentrated time and on a regular basis. Training your ears what to listen for and your eyes what to expect from your choir will allow you to know where to head as far as what you need to improve any weaknesses you might have. Conferences and summer workshops can be invaluable in helping to improve your knowledge base regarding repertoire, group choral techniques, techniques for teaching, conducting gesture, and more. If you are a new teacher, find the best choral programs in your area/state and create relationships with those directors and observe their teaching. Find those veteran teachers who are happy to help and benefit from their experience. One last suggestion. Once you join professional organizations, volunteer your time for leadership positions. This will automatically put you in contact with other directors and also make you part of decisions regarding guest conductors, rehearsal needs, presenters at conferences etc…