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I am a music education student. Your situation is one of my future placement concerns. The only string experience comes from my college string methods class. I don’t have enough confidence in my ability to play middle school music at this level on strings. This doesn’t mean that I can’t teach strings. It just makes it harder to get my point across. I do plan on continuing my string studies, so you do need to get your violin out and start practicing.
The choosing literature link provided by “Linda B” puts everything into perspective. It made the big picture look a whole lot smaller.
The best resource I have found is the local orchestra. These musicians have a vast knowledge of instruments, and can point you in the right direction in any situation.They can help you with instrument selections, setting up workshops, repertoire choices, repair shops, and teaching strategies. The students should see and hear a real orchestra to get a better understanding of the instruments capabilities. The orchestra provides a medium to discuss dynamics, articulations, intonation, and rhythm with your students.