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I think that using an iPad or another app in a classroom (especially among younger students) is a really neat idea.
The app in the classroom I am currently in uses Pyware 3D, iMovie, Sibelius, Garage Band, etc. I think that the general idea is to not only allow students to use these programs and play around with their imagination, but to also allow them to get a better grip on technology. Let’s face it, technology is taking over our society and nearly everything is run on computers.
Personally, I’ve used iMovie so many times, not just for assignments, but for my own recreational use. I find that it’s so easy to use and it allows for the student to play around with the program and think about what they want to use, and also allows them to edit the video to meet their needs. And this could be whether it was an assignment, or just a simple picture movie for a social gathering.