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Naturally I use it for a quick tuner and metronome, especially if I’m teaching a lesson. It’s no different than a regular tuner/metronome but its the gimmick that the kids like. Plus most of my kids have an iPad/ipod touch at home and that encourages them to download free music apps like that. I also have the Apple Remote App that lets me control my stereo from my stand. AWESOME for when we are listening to recordings of our band music and I want to point something out.

I have a garage band club after school which is great for teaching about loops and simple recording. I only have 10 ipads in my classroom so it can only be a limited after school club but the kids enjoy it and are inspired to use their own ipad/computer to make music at home. <— that's really the goal of my classroom! MadPad is another app for my general music class but I can see uses in the band room as well. I use it to explore timbres of "regular" sounds and then organize those sounds into music. That could easily be adapted to record individual instruments and create some awesome music! MadPad has a great website with youtube examples of projects others have done.