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Get a hold of Harry Wong’s The first days of school book (sorry for no caps or quotes, I’m on the way out.) Drill rules, consequences, expectations, emergency procedures and have kids write pertinent info on a card for you. I ask for their grade level, hr teacher, parent name and phone #s, fav artist. This takes a good half hour. Then do a name game – possibly add a drum. Have them dance, show them that Music is going to be fun. The idea with a long block is break it up as much as you can. This is especially necessary with little kids – PreK -2.

The second and third classes give older kids seating assignments – if you have chairs!! Drill rules and consequences, procedures etc again. Continue this for at least the first 3 weeks. But again, make it fun!! If you hook them early, management problems will be far less. Use difficult / needy kids as helpers for little things, makes them feel important and less likely to act up for negative attention. Those kids will get attention any way they can, but your (challenging!!) job is to make it positive attention that they get. Don’t be afraid to ask the classroom teachers for help with individual kids; they know them best.