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Classroom routines and expectations are important to teach and re-teach in the first weeks. I always like to do an introduction game where everyone says their name and something fun they did during the summer. With Kindergarten students I bring a short book to read—I have several books of songs like “Eensy Weensy Spider,” Twinkle Twinkle, etc. I think it’s important to sing something the first day—-review songs from the year before and/or teach something new. I also like to do some kind of movement activity, like John Feierabend’s Move it! routines to classical music, or a singing game or folk dance. Since you’re new, everything will be new to the kids. You have to figure out what you want your room to look like for entering, exiting, sitting on chairs or floor, moving furniture if needed, getting equipment, cleaning up, getting to and from dance or game formations, bathroom or drink chances. Lots of procedures and routines to teach. Once you stay in a school for a while, the majority of the kids will know how things go and it can be a shorter segment to review the high points.
Good luck!