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Hi, JMay (and Pete!),

I have done only a bit of exploration of using iOS devices for teaching music composition. I’d like to give it more emphasis in the undergraduate music technology course I teach. As you can see from Pete’s response above, there are many more teachers far more knowledgable than I—here are a few whose work I’ve been looking at:

Brant Schneider ( and I have never met, but I’ve learned from reading about his applications of iPads in a variety of music classes.

Clint Randles ( is a faculty member at University of South Florida who plays in a faculty and graduate student iPad ensemble called “Touch.” Their performances include original compositions.

Bill Bauer ( is a faculty member at Case Western Reserve University who has some helpful handouts on his website you might want to check out.

Scott Watson ( has written a wonderful book about music technology and creativity ( that includes lesson plans that might help you think about developing projects for your own classroom.

I hope you find this list helpful—and hope others will chime in and share resources!