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Hello JMay:

i use my I-Phone constantly in both general Music classes, as well as on the secondary level.
My students are currently working on a Music Concrete’ Project that involves recording external ‘sounds’ besides the classroom synthesizers. It is a Cage/Ives idea.
One inexpensive app is called ‘Multitrack’ – it is a 4 track open air recorder capable of recording the tracks individually. The sessions can be saved to its’ own library storage system for later use or editing. .

I also have almost 3.000 musical examples on the I-Phone ready to go in organized Playlists. I like to crank them through the classroom PA System, sometimes nice and loud…

You can also download SFX apps, etc. for free which are great for Soundscapes, etc.

Pete Hansen, 5 Towns College, Island Trees Public Schools, New York