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The strings coach is very supportive. I like the idea of asking them to self diagnose and solve. I thought about making some bowing changes to make it easier to get the phrasing that is needed. I’ll talk to the strings teacher about the problem.

After thinking more about it, it is only 1 (at most 2) students who are making these negative comments. I asked the strings coach, and he gets the same thing from the same student…. and our strings coach has a Ph.D. in performance and plays in several professional orchestras! Perhaps I am overly sensitive due to the private violin instructor who gave me grief when I first started. (By the way, I took private lessons from her, and it was helpful. First, I learned that she is an exceptional private teacher. Secondly, she grew in confidence in my musical abilities and understanding. It was tough to ask her for lessons, but turned out to have been a pretty good move.)