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I agree with Bechlers697. There was a musical reason why you initiated the correction in the first place–an unwanted accent. Solicit solutions from your most experienced players. I’ll bet they collectively can come up with the right answer. Wanting to sound good is something both you and they have in common. Calling on their knowledge is a sign of your respect for them.

I have a guide to common orchestral bowings which I can e-mail you (and anyone who wants it) for use with your group and for the middle school directors that feed your high school. The exercises are arranged from easy to difficult. You will need to know what constitutes right and wrong including what common problems you should expect. I suggest you sit down with an experienced string player and go through them one by one. Since the left hand doesn’t even come into the picture in these exercises, you can learn them on an open string before you apply them to scales and later to repertoire

In addition, I encourage you to attend concerts or rehearsals by professional players. Notice what they do to achieve appropriate musical results.

You can get my e-mail address in the CONTACT section of my website.

Gabe Villasurda