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I’d keep in mind that some students are just like that in MS/HS. You may also be quite sensitive to questions around your string expertise. It could be a good plan, and good teaching, to turn this sort of thing around by stating what you hear: “That eighth note pick-up sounds too loud”, and then asking for possible solutions. A lighter long bow isn’t the only way to address the problem you describe, depending on context. The notes before the pick-up might allow “saving bow”, “working towards the frog” , or a partial carry through the air before grabbing the pick-up closer to the frog. Better the students have to think of ways to solve the problem. You can have them try, or someone demos, any acceptable solutions, and then choose (as a group). If this is not a common occurence in your group, try to extinguish by ignoring. If it is a particular student or students, consider quiet private conversation. If it is more widespread, then you do need to work on how you are perceived. Is the string coach supportive of you, open to your questions, and takes your requests/suggestions about spots that need work? Sue