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To your first question

I’m not that familiar with how to approach it in guitar. I like it to be active listening, whereby the kids are listening with an objective in mind.

I have music playing for the kids as they are entering the room and they have a section in their guitar note book to fill in for each example. Guitarist/Group- Song-Any additional info (I have them fill in the genre) and a “rating”. They rate the song on a scale of 1-10 “1” being I never want to hear that again and “10” being that is going in my on the go playlist. For other “active” listening activities I will have students compare and contrast different artist’s versions of the same song. For example compare “rocket man” by Elton John to “rocket man” as preformed by William Shatner. Make sure that they are using vin diagrams and/or any other writing devices the english department are implementing and it makes for great cross curricular learning.

What are some pieces (all styles appreciated) I should begin using, and where can I learn more about the style the kids are hearing?

I have a long list of guitarists of all styles that I like to play for the kids. I can find all of them on spotify so I don’t have to buy a whole bunch of tracks. Shoot me an email and I will send it to you.

As far as the kids have them bring in listing examples for the rest of the class to hear. My rules are, it must be school appropriate, no cursing, nothing overly violent, and nothing sexually explicit.