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All of these suggestions are excellent to help with some of these disabilities and I would recommend trying all of them to try and find a good fit. I would also suggest to have him try sitting in the middle of the ensemble to help see you head on and make it clearer to him. You may have to rearrange your ensemble to do so. Something else you might consider trying is to maybe where a bright colored glove on your hands. Since the standard concert dress is black, the bright color would stand out to him and help at least see your hand moving around against the dark background. Some of these things may be distracting to the rest of the group, but you need to help all of your students how ever you can and sometimes you need to do things that others don\’t like. Since there are many options to try, you may as well try all of them, just to see what happens. Also, don’t be afraid to ask what will help him, he may be able to give you some insight.

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