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I may be the grinch, but if a mallet is broken, I would just automatically assume it’s intentional or due to neglect. Either way, they pay to replace the mallet. Mallet shafts just don’t “break” unless they are cracked from being stepped on, beaten too hard, etc. The heads on cheap bell mallets tend to fall off, and that is an easy repair…I wouldn’t hold the kids accountable for that…..just don’t buy cheap bell mallets 🙂

I still think having all beginners have their own bell, xylo, and marimba mallets is the way to go. They should have a stick/mallet bag when they get their beginning bell/snare kits and those mallets and sticks should last them at least through 8th grade. Check with whoever does your beginning rental program, and ask them to include sets of mallets/sticks/bags with the kit from day one. It may add a few bucks to the rental, but it will still be much much cheaper than kids who are renting a ww or brass instrument.